While AI is an important technological development, you can also have some fun with it. So, here are ten fun AI tools you should check out.

Job automation, algorithmic bias, and technological development are the first thoughts that spring to mind when we think of Artificial Intelligence. But at the same time, AI can be used in many fun and exciting ways.

Here, we’ll discuss ten fun AI tools that you must try out. Besides being a great way to kill boredom, they demonstrate how advanced AI has already become.

Magic Eraser - Magiceraser

Edit out parts of photos with Magic Eraser.

Have a great photo but with something annoying in the background?

Remove it easily:

  • Upload the photo;

  • Select the part you don’t want;

  • Press ‘erase’ And boom. It’s gone.

And boom. It’s gone.

Craiyon - https://Craiyon.com

Create images from words with Craiyon.

Want to illustrate your idea? - Type in any words to describe what you want:

  • Describe actions;

  • Combine items;

  • Create images in a particular style;

And it’ll produce an image to match. That sounds crazy…it is.

Rytr - https://Rytr.me

Sort your creative block with Rytr.

Ever get stuck with writer’s block? - Rytr writes your piece for you.

  • Choose a language

  • Choose a tone

  • Choose the type of content

It’ll give you excellent copy you can edit and use as you like.

Thing Translator - https://thing-translator.appspot.com

Identify objects from photos with Thing Translator.

On holiday and don’t know the word for an item? - Take a photo of it to find out.

  • Take a picture of the item

  • Get the word in one of 10 languages

No more fumbling through a dictionary.

AutoDraw - https://autodraw.com

Create better drawings with Autodraw.

Are you a terrible artist like me? - Start sketching!

  • It guesses what you’re trying to draw

  • And offers better alternatives for you

Suddenly my awful drawing of a dog is actually usable.

Fontjoy - https://fontjoy.com

Come up with good font combos with Fontjoy.

If you aren’t a designer, it’s hard to choose nice fonts.

It chooses them for you:

  • Lock in a font you want;

  • Or start from scratch;

  • Generate fonts that pair;

Now you KNOW your fonts work well together.

Talk to Books - https://books.google.com/talktobooks/

Use all the wisdom in books with Talk To Books.

Ask your question to the collective wisdom of >100,000 books!

  • Ask it a question

  • It searches all its books

  • It gives you quotes that answer your question

This person does not exist - thispersondoesnotexist

Find a person that’s not a person.

Need to use an image of a person that’s copyright-free?

  • Go to the website

  • Press refresh

  • It generates a new face each time, but this face is AI-generated.

  • It’s of a person who does not exist.

Mind. Blown.

Namelix - https://namelix.com

Generate your business name with Namelix.

Often, we spend way too long coming up with a name for a new project or business.

  • Enter key words

  • Choose what type of name you want

  • Namelix generates hundreds of ideas and logos for you.

Let’s Enhance - https://letsenhance.io

Enhance your photos with Let’s Enhance

Have a grainy image or one that’s too small?

  • Upload your image

  • It increases the quality

  • It makes it larger

Hope this list of websites is helpful for you.

Article by: S.Ahmadpur