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One’s actions speaks louder than his words. Here is the list of our “actions”. Become acquainted and know us better.

“OrangeLine” – Call-center based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

Opened on February 6th 2014, Citizens Reception Center and “Hot Line” Service under the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan serve the purpose of providing citizens with information, as well as providing them with legal assistance.

The role assigned to us within the framework of Citizens Reception Center consisted of development and implementation of a software application for processing of incoming requests, their assignment to appropriate departments and subsequent recording to a database archive after citizens are furnished with an official answer.

An FAQ Knowledge Base system was realized for the “Hotline” Service. The system noticeably optimized the work of operators, enabled them to provide citizens with information more effectively and qualitatively, according to predefined standards.

The system also provides the ability to collect statistical data with further formation of relevant reports on the activities of both centers.