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Orange Line – Call-center Management System

Orange Line is a software system, which covers the whole scope of Call-center activities and contains everything Call-center needs for its successful operation. The main competitive advantage of “OrangeLine” is that it combines several sub-systems, which usually are purchased separately:


  • Telephony
  • Customer Relations Management system;
  • Customer Complaints Management system;
  • Knowledge Base for operators


Orange Line meets all requirements laid down by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic in the “Rules on the organization of activity of the Call Centers in state agencies”.

The cost of Orange Line software and expenses for its technical support compare favorably to those for foreign analogs. The system can be purchased in both full and limited functionality according to particular customer needs.

Main features


Identifying subscriber number, Interactive Voice Recording, placing calls to a required queue for processing by particular operator group, holding the lines, calls forwarding, recording call conversations, registering lost calls, etc.

Customer Relations Management

Managing customer database, creating customized questionary for a customer profile, identifying customers by subscriber number, keeping detailed records concerning all customer requests, etc.

Customer Complaints Handling

Creating categories and sub-categories for customer requests, appointing timeframe and the responsible person/group for complaint handling, tracking complaints handling, etc.

Knowledge Base for operators

Managing knowledge base which contains all information provided to customers and is displayed in tree view; advanced search within knowledge base; possibility to “link” customer request to knowledge base item, etc.


Real-time monitoring of Call-center overall activity, monitoring of operator activity, active calls monitoring, forming general and specialized reports, scheduling operator work, and many other options.

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