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One’s actions speaks louder than his words. Here is the list of our “actions”. Become acquainted and know us better.

Corporate IT infrastructure, distributed network, information security

The ITC Group company known under the trademark MobiTel, being the official distributor of Nokia in Azerbaijan, has a network of sales and service points distributed in the territory of the Republic. A centralized online database working in uninterrupted operation mode with the purpose of providing high quality services to clients, data security and secure transmission – here are the requirements that were put forward by the customer. Server virtualization, clusterization of applications, ciphered VPN connections, security tokens, two-factor authentication, etc. served as tools for achievement of the above-mentioned goals.

Besides that, the entire IT infrastructure of the company was raised up to the level of corporate standards through the adoption of Domain Name System, mail server, corporate antivirus protection, equipment and applications monitoring system, IP-telephony, licensing of the whole software and development of an information security policy.