Is Coding Require for Marketer?

Nowadays digital marketing has a huge impact on brand and company awareness. Marketing leveled up the last 5 years, not afraid to say, to the main strategy in every company all over the world. Well, thanks to social media.

Everyday marketing people and designers trying to find more and more creative content to win consumer's interests. But do we understand what lies behind the scenes of all digital campaigns? Code is what lies behind so many of our great marketing campaigns and creative ideas. Our websites, our apps, and tools, emails that are made to give our customers a better experience – these all run and exist because of smart codes, that make them work.

Code is the basis for our marketing, should we – marketers study coding? First of all, getting the idea and understanding of what coding is and the structures that bring your websites, apps, and tools to life will give you a better understanding of what is possible.

Having the ability to use code to create new and innovative tools that delight you, customers, isn’t it inspirational? Besides, coding saves time and saves costs. Knowing what you are doing can help you to count your time and budget very well while discussing the case with your developer or web designer. Some coding knowledge will let you think out of the box and easily figure out when basic “No” is a negotiation tactic rather than an actual expression of the impossible.

When you are having a real problem with placing an article on a website or an image that is not resizing correctly you have to fix it immediately. So, instead of asking your web developer for a small change, who is already overtasked, so you can make that small changes and fix it on your own. Thanks to Google!

It can save hours of time and budget. So instead of panicking and searching for a solution, you can ask your developer to explain how to fix that kind of small thing in the source (CMS).

There is no reason why you shouldn’t learn coding, especially if you are interested in digital marketing. I am not admitting the fact that every marketer should necessarily learn to code to become a professional coder. You should balance it and leave big tasks to people who know how to do them right.

Web developers have a different skillset than marketers. As marketers, we work on strategic direction and focus on marketing campaigns. And while we are keeping an eye for design and user experience, the actual implementation skills, what can make customer's life easier belong to professionals. As marketers, we are here just for searching current trends and bringing the gained experience but do not let all this stop you from learning how code works.

Few bits of advice on how to learn the basics of coding: search to code by googling pieces of HTML code. Always inspect the website pages, audit them, so you can understand the technical terms and position of codes.

For something deeper, I’d also recommend you check online courses, like,, or; code schools &, etc.

Code is part of Marketing DNA and even if we don’t not able to build sites from scratch, as marketers today, we need to understand how it works! Additional skills and knowledge won’t spoil you :)