DSC - Kibrit
Co-projects area: VAS and IT-solutions
Our part: Software development
Simbrella - Kibrit
Co-projects area: VAS-solutions for mobile communication providers
Our part: IT-integration
Tandem - Kibrit
Co-projects area: Customer service development (Front-office, Call-center)
Our part: Technical audit, CRM-software development, IT-infrastructure
Baku Crystal Hall - Kibrit
Co-projects area: Organization of events
Our part: Supplying IT-infrastructure
Eurodesign - Kibrit
Co-projects area: IT-integration
Our part: Software development
Magnum - Kibrit
Co-projects area: Advertising and Design
Our part: Software development
Beat Group - Kibrit
Co-projects area: Organization of entertainment events
Our part: Software development

“The future is waiting for us, if only people cooperate. And what the future will look like, depends on the people that will be cooperating”.

Arthas Dante